The world's first Smart Cellular Network

OkClear is reinventing the business phone. We've developed a communications hub that focuses on the "conversation," not the medium. Whether it's a call, text or email, OkClear puts the history of each conversation at your fingertips.

Wouldn't it be nice to separate your personal text messages from your business ones? Our platform knows which conversations are personal vs. business. Keeping you focused and productive.

Even better, all activities is tracked, and the data flows automatically into your CRM.

Gone are the days of monotonous CRM data entry.

Say goodbye to Robocalls

In 2018 alone, 50 billion U.S. Robocalls were made. By utilizing OkClears smart network you can stop the calls on the network level. A smart digital assistant screens your calls so when your phone rings, you’ll actually answer it.

find efficiency through analytics

Track conversation sentiment in real-time and gain a real-time, holistic view of how your employees are communicating with your customers and business partners.

Built for Business

Smart Network

  • No applications to install on the device.
  • Digital Assistant.
  • Automatic Time Tracking
  • Sales Tracking and Automation
  • Sentiment Analysis


  • Permission based contact management
  • Private VPN
  • Data encryption both in transit and at rest


  • Unifies email, text and voice calling
  • Integrates with your business systems
  • Works how you work

Seamless Data Entry Intelligent Integrations

Don’t change your behavior, change your outcome. App integrations happen on the network layer providing seamless integrations with applications that power your business without having to do anything but use your phone like your normally would.

To log a call in Salesforce, just make the call. Boom. Done.

Automatically track easily forgotten billable communication time.

Integrate with the Hubspot CRM and activate your marketing team.

We put the history of every customer at your fingertips.


OkClear gives you the insights you need to increase productivity and take control over your workday.

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